Our Equipment

ConveyMor designs and manufactures Hot Lime conveying equipment primarily for the recaustic area of paper mills. Our equipment which is manufactured for 1800F° service can also be found in a variety of industries where service and reliability are a must.

Our equipment includes:

  • Hot Lime Bucket Elevators

    We have many installations in place around the globe for conveying reburned lime from the kiln to the silo. Our design takes into account the fact that fire brick, kiln chain, and tramp metal will eventually find their way into the system. Our Bucket Elevator was specifically designed for this application.
  • Hot Lime Drag Conveyors

    Hot Lime Drag Conveyors are used most often in the recaustic area of a mill to convey lime from the kiln to feed the bucket elevator. We handle Hot Lime directly out of the lime kiln at around 1800F° and because our equipment is designed for temperature, not capacity, it provides reliable, long-lasting service for this important operation.
  • Hot Lime Drag Lump Breakers

    Hot Lime Lump Breakers are usually mounted at the exit of the kiln and are designed to break large lumps into one-inch sizes, the best size for slaking. As the first line of defense against hangars, bricks, or tramp metal, the breaker opens easily for the quick removal of material that could damage equipment further down the line.
  • Lime Mud Belt Conveyors

    Lime Mud Belt Conveyors are pretty much what they sound like. They are used to convey mud from the Lime Mud Filter in the Kiln Feed Screw. Each conveyor is custom designed to accommodate each clients particular equipment needs. Most Lime Mud Conveyors are made of stainless or galvanized steel and many also have UHMW feed chutes, urethane-coated iders, belt cleaners & scrapers, drip pans and hoods.
  • Apron Conveyors

    An Apron Conveyor is used for conveying hot lime long distances or up an incline. Apron Pans are manufactured from heavy formed steel to prevent warping while chains are manufactured from all alloy heat-treated steel. Outboard rollers extend conveyor life and the entire apron conveyor is enclosed for environmental considerations and to cut down on dust.
  • Kiln Feed Screws

    A Kiln Feed Screw feeds lime mud into the kiln. The screw attaches directly to the kiln and experiences elevated temperatures at the feed end. Flights are designed to cut material that is baked onto the inside of the conveyor. HP selection is extremely critical and the design is cantilevered to keep components away from heat and extend their life.
  • Screw Proportioners

    Lime Screw proportioners are used to feed the slaker from the lime bins. Screws can be used for either fresh or reburned lime, or can be interchangeable using a vector drive to carry both the maximum reburn and the minimum fresh lime in TPD from a single screw. Pin Gates and Slide Gates are typically supplied to help keep material from plugging.
  • Chutes, Gates and Connections

    ConveyMor provides a selection of flop gates, chutes, and expansion joints that are required to join all of the components of a system together. You’ll find that our engineering expertise is useful for clients who are interested in replacing or updating of any conveyor equipment in the recaustic area of the mill.