• Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    We have many installations in place around the globe for conveying reburned lime from the kiln to the silo.

  • Lime Mud Belt

    Lime Mud Belt

    Each conveyor is custom designed to accommodate each client’s particular equipment needs.

  • Lump Breaker

    Lump Breaker

    Hot Lime Lump Breakers are usually mounted at the exit of the kiln and are designed to break large lumps into one-inch sizes, the best size for slaking.

Our products can be found in paper mills and other industries in:

The USA          Canada          Mexico          Columbia          Brazil          South Africa
Taiwan          ROC          Malaysia          The Philippines          China          Russia
and around the world!

Hot Lime! Its ConveyMor Time!

ConveyMor provides a wide range of Hot Lime Handling conveying systems and components primarily for the paper mill industry. With over 30 years of experience, our engineering and design services are well known and respected throughout the industry and we are well equipped to handle all of your hot material handling equipment needs. Here at ConveyMor, we are proud to have become the company-of-choice for hot applications or projects that require heavy duty designs.